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As so often happens in a week we are inundated by pleas for help with rehoming kittens.
I cannot stress enough the fact that there are NO VALID EXCUSES FOR YOU CATHAVING KITTENS!!!!!!
If you have a pet there are places to have them altered. Adopt fvrom a shelter or rescue and they come altered.
Look online at "low cost spay and neuter" and a number of choices come up. Most shelters do free or low cost clinics several times a year.
You CAN find time to drop them off.
You CAN afford the clinic.
Just 1 lazy or thoughtless person with an unfixed cat can undo the work of 5 foster homes in only a year.
If you are giving these kittens away for free without fixing them the new family has no investment in the animal and looses nothing when they move away and leave them behind or put them outside to carry on this senseless breeding program. Adoption fees are there to make sure people are invested in the animal and will not just discard it like any other "freebee".
A fair practice is to charge the fee paid for spay/neuter (usually $40)
Look at what you get. Shelters and rescues vary in fees but also in what you get.
Find out if your new family member has all their shots, is fixed and tested for parasites or diseases (heartworm, parvo, FIV/Luk etc).
You may find the ones who charge a fee are actually a better deal.
Cats can have a litter at just 4 months of age, dogs at 6 months.
It is true you don't want to risk doing surgery too early. For kittens the minimum recommended time is at 3 months of age and 3 pounds of weight. Any earlier and the females may not be developed enough for the vet to find both ovaries to insure sterilization. Every ounce a kitten is below 3 pounds increases their chance of dying from the anaesthetic by 2% and increases complications later in life (such as kidney problems or liver disorders) by 5%.
If you truely care about animals be an active part of the solution not a silent or passive continuation of the problem.
Campaign for every animal to be fixed
Keep your cats indoors (just like for your kids it's too dangerous out there in this new world)
Offer to help someone known to have unaltered animals have them fixed.
Work with local feral cat groups to start or continue trap-neuter-release programs
Report persons trapping pets for removal (they aren't going to shelters)
Watch for people putting down poisons (especially antifreeze) and report them
Keep the pressure on the people who are supposed to enforce animal crualty laws to inforce them.
Until there are more homes wanting animals than animals in shelters DO NOT SUPPORT BREEDERS, (come on people $800 for a mix breed?? a blanky-thing is just a mutt with expensive parents)
And for Heavens sake emphasize DOG not TOY and TRAIN them.
It's true you can't save the world but with a little time and love you can at least neaten up your corner of it.

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