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Dealing with urine stains/odor

I know it's been awhile since I put serious stuff on the website so thought I would tackle this area of annoyance.
No matter how disciplined your animal there are occational accidents so I thought I would share some remedies I have found.
For hard surfaces just obout anything will work but try to avoid Amonia type products like bleach when dealing with cat urine. It already smells like ammonia and invites remarking. My choice for floors is Urine-off. I find it works better than Nature's Miracle in stopping the smell from coming back. The Martha Stewart products do not work at all and the kennel cleaners do not do a good job breaking up the "oily residue" cats leave (plus it stinks).
We have had good success on the wood floors with the time tested favorite Murphy's wood oil soap.
Did notice that the remarking tendency is greatly reduced if you use a different cleaner in the rest of the house than you use by litterboxes or potty patches, possibly the smell in the "potty" area draws them to it so a different soap there breaks the habit of finding an out of the way place to go in a place where every smells the same.
Fabrics present a whole different challenge because the smell often will come back.
For clothes and carpets I found a modification of Dr. Elsey's method works.
For things you can stick in the washer, add 1 cup of vinegar to plain water and do a short cycle (full cycle-rinse too). After that add your normal soap and 1 cup of Natures Miracle Orange Urine cleaner and do a long cycle.
Drying clothes in the sun is great too _especially if anyone has ringworm or Athletes foot as the UV light kills the fungus in only a few hours.
Carpets are a bigger problem but not impossible.
Dr. Elsey recommends carpet cleaner or dish soap for initial clean then soaking with club soda for 10 min. Soak up soda with towels overnight and then using her Urine treatment.
The club soda works but the treatment doesn't so save your time.
I've had the most luck cleaning the spot by wetting it with vinegar and then soaking it with club soda. After 20 minutes you soak up as much of this as possible then use Woolite petcare carpet cleaner. We have a small Spotbot carpet cleaner for this step but you can work the cleaner in with a damp sponge too. Let it dry and vacuum thoroughly.
Lately we have been using a new product called Fizzion. This is a CO2 cleaner recommended on "My cat from Hell". It is easy to use and so far seems to work fairly well on most surfaces but we need more time to see if the residual smell comes back.
Furniture poses a unique problem as liquid runs into places you cannot reach with the cleaners of choice (and it's hard to pin one on the clothesline to dry).
Vinegar and club soda prep work well but residual smell returns. Woolite  and other spray on cleaners can't get behind cushions on pillow top couches or into seams where smell resides. Although Fizzion warns against saturation there is no good way to deliver the cleaner other than to pour something on and let it follow the same path.
I found a product colled "Bust it" from Cat-it but have only tried it once. Soaked a towel with the liquid and stuffed it down the overlaps and cushion edges. I will leave it there until the towel dries and then see what happens.
Thats all I have for now but I will let you know if anything new comes around.
On a "soap box" note. Those inconsiderate souls who put your cats out at night are causing your neighbours massive grief because while the "little darling" is not messing your place know both males marking and females peeing to attract males are causing indoor cats fits and results in owners of indoor cats having to clean far more often than neccessary due to "stress peeing", "countermarking" and having to wash the outside of our doors and windows.
Rising tension with non-cat owners and other pet owners are leading deserate people to do questionable things. Non-owners become animal haters when all they see is the mess left behind. They think nothing of putting down poison such as antifreeze or getting a trap and relocating the offender (or any other innocent creature caught) to remote locations where there are no witnesses to their release or solution of problem. Whether you believe me or not, only the extremely lucky ones are dropped at the shelter and reunited with an owner.
YOU HAVE A RESPONSABILITY TO BE A GOOD EXAMPLE  IF YOU HAVE A PET (or a kid). Make people want a pet-not want to bannish them from the communty.

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