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What may be missing from your travel plans

With summer vacation and storm evacuation season upon us, a recent experience reminded me of a topic that is frequently forgotten in travel/evacuation plans.
A recent adopter called to inform me that their new arrival had a horrific case of diahrea that started about 36 hours after they got home. We started with the usual questions: was there a sudden change of food (no), stress from the relocation (no), did the animal get into anyone elses food (no), did it get table scraps (no), or did it get into any foreign substances (again no).
We were about to set up a vet visit when it occurred to me that the description of the diahrea was sudden, violent and virtually clear fluid. I asked if they gave the animals tap water (BINGO!)
City water varies a great deal from area to area, that's why we buy bottled water when we travel but what is going into the pet's water bowl?
Mexican Draino!
When you relocate an animal it's systems have to get used to the local bugs just like yours do. Keep the whole family on bottled water if you go away or if you bring in a new animal. If you insist that tap water is your choice of hydration, use bottled water for the first day with 2% tap mixed in. Increase the concentration of tap each day for a few weeks so they have a chance to adapt.
It may be widely known to locals that you have to boil the tapwater but it may be news to the new resident or visitor that a problem exists. This is becoming more common as infrastructures get older or are damaged by storms or floods.
There are some great pet fountains available that have built-in filtration and they are not nearly as expensive as the laundry bills for cleanup or vet visits for dehydration issues. I have yet to see a washer that will accomidate a couch or mattress (much less the livingroom rug).
I hear a large quantity of hatemail reving up from local Sewage and Water Quality Blah Blah no way we are poluting faster than the planet can fix it Board/Authority BUUTTT you call it "within safe limits".
Appearantly a cataclysmic case of the runs is only considered "uncomfortable" unless it hospitalizes a number of humans.
If you established a value it means that the substance measured is present! (even bacteria!)   SSSSOOOOOO!!!! there is low levels not no levels

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hello on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 3:24 AM
Thanks for the information. Keep on writing.
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