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Note of caution rehoming pets

As so often happens a post on my rescue site reminds me to share information we take for granted but those new to rescue will learn the hard way.
It seems that no matter how hard we fight to get an "animal Offender" list all rescue groups can access, no such list exists...Except ... the ones kept at the local rescue groups or shelters.
Before you go nuts over having found "the perfect family" for you rescue pet be aware that there are people out there (and they are good) who prey on rescues as a source for their animals. They tie them outdoors to die of exposure, the kids wear the batteries out and then they need a new one, they move away and decide the animal clashes with the new decore, it was a "relatives" and they left it behind  the reasons aren't always easy to see coming like pit bull bating or crush videos. 
Ask the beagle rescue who had a "perfect adopter" a man of influence who even paid to have the rescue flown in to him at a private strip. He did the manditory photo shoot, everyone was gushing with a job well done as they left him to get aquainted with his new family member......... then saw a lousey quality video of the dust trail by the gate he left as he drove away from the field... dragging the dog to death behind the car!
A "Causes" petition was filed but no charges have come of it. And no list will contain his name to warn others.
The DNA (do not adopt) list is critical to stop these people and few groups keep even a rough one. I started my own in our network as a matter of self defense  when I was the victim... fortunately we got the animal back unharmed but the group before me, I found out when talking to others in my network, were not as fortunate but I was able to warn the group after me and we stopped the losses from our group network.
The only advise I can give new fosters is to check Vet references when you get them and talk to other rescue groups or shelters in your area to see if someone else is keeping a list.
If you are not a foster but you know of one of these  people, find a rescue group and give them the information so they know to use extra caution if this person approaches them for an animal (or to surrender an animal to rehome). You can stay annomymous but be prepared to give an example not just "my neighbour is creepy" or "I dated him/her and he/she would be a bad choice just because they don't listen". Use your judgement but don't stay silent just because you live next to them or work with them. We do not tell people they were rejected if they are on the list, we just find a reason not to allow the adoption to occur.
If, Gods forbid, you find out about such a person post the information within your local groups with the reason why you believe they need to be stopped from adopting or owning an animal.
It may not create any placement openings but it may just save a life.

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