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Vermillion parish new euthanasia policy

More Info from Animal Aid for Vermilion Area on New Policy for Vermilion Parish Rabies and Animal Control (VPRAC) Facility
·Other Cat rescues and dog rescue groups are needed to help save animals.
·Relocation places needed for non-adoptable and feral cats.
·New euthanasia guidelines for strays in Vermilion Parish.
Contact: Beth Trahan/Cindy Hunt Animal Aid for Vermilion Area
In response to your inquiry about the article, the following is AAVA's understanding of the issue:
Let me begin by saying that Animal Aid for Vermilion Area (AAVA) is currently meeting with the Vermilion Parish Police Jury (VPPJ) to discuss policy changes at the Vermilion Parish Rabies and Animal Control (VPRAC) facility, which is located in Kaplan, Louisiana.
We feel that the article is slightly misleading by implying that the feral cats would be euthanized, while dogs are not.
At a meeting on Wednesday April 2, the issue of what to do with the large number of feral cats that VPRAC has trapped and is holding in overcrowded cages, due to the current euthanization ban was raised. There was some discussion of starting a TNR program in Vermilion Parish. However, that would be a long-term solution. The police jury did seem open to turning the feral cats over to anyone willing to take them, so long as they are not simply released back into the community only to be re-trapped. If your organization (or any other that you are aware of) is willing to assist with this problem, please let AAVA know immediately, or contact Pam Monceaux, director of VPRAC, at (, or Linda Duhon (parish administrator) at ( directly to let them know. At the meeting, the jurors did indicate that the feral cats would have to be euthanized if they did not find someone willing to take them, and AAVA is simply not in a position to take them at this time.
It is our understanding that the euthanization ban (for dogs and cats alike) will be lifted after the police jury meets and votes on Monday 4/7/14 at 6pm. Thereafter, AAVA will be allowed at total of twenty 30 day kennels, where the animals first in can be held for us to network them to find rescues, fosters, or adopters for them. After 30 days, the animals will be euthanized. It is our understanding that any animals not in the 30 day kennels will be euthanized after 4 days (but this needs to be clarified further with VPPJ). Because of the large numbers of cats that are trapped in Vermilion parish, the fact that most of them will now be posted for adoption instead of simply euthanized, and because it appears that they are now being listed separately where before some were caged and posted together, we foresee a number problem arising very quickly, and we will need all of the help we can get from other rescues to move them out of the facility as quickly as possible.
As of this morning (before VPRAC opens for intake), there are 24 animals at the shelter (11 dogs and 13 cats). After the meeting tonight, the first 20 animals in will move into the 30 days kennels, and the other 4 will be subject to the 4 day euth period. It appears that 9 of the cats will move into 30 day kennels, and 4 will not. Therefore, if you (or anyone you are aware of) can assist us in getting any of the 13 cats (or any of the dogs) out of VPRAC, please notify us IMMEDIATELY
Sent: Monday, April 7, 2014 1:32 AM
Hi Beth and Cindy
I've been circulating your e-mail to my contacts but several of us saw the article and news on Katc about the new euthanasia policy for Vermilion and saw the article that says:
"Police jurors decided Wednesday night to begin euthanizing feral cats"
This does not seem a humane solution and we are also wondering who is determining which cats are really feral? I know that Vermilion is a very stressful place, especially for cats. That's good about extended holds for dogs but can you please explain the policy for cats? Is there still a stray hold period for cats? What about ear tip cats?
Subject: FW: Article: Vermillion Parish, LA - New euthanasia guidelines for strays in Vermilion Parish (GOV)
Importance: High
Where’s Vermillion? …
Warm Regards,
Aileen L. Walden
Director Community Programs & Support
New euthanasia guidelines for strays in Vermilion Parish
by Allison Bourne-Vanneck April 2, 2014

Short term guidelines are in place in Vermilion Parish, as to how stray animals will be euthanized. The Vermilion Parish Rabies and Animal Control Center's policy came into question three weeks ago after three dogs were killed, that were set to be rescued that same day. After that happened, a euthanasia ban was put into place. Police jurors decided Wednesday night to begin euthanizing feral cats, they decided to uphold the euthanasia ban for dogs
. However, dogs will get put down if the center fills up to capacity, which is 20 dogs. Once that number is reached, dogs that have been at the facility the longest will be the first to die. Police jurors and animal advocates decided on a new possibility to help to save stray animals."They've given us 20 safe kennels to put either cats or dogs in whatever we choose and they'll keep them. They'll hold them there for 30 days. They'll feed them while we can network them, and try to get them out for adoption or to another rescue, so this is a very positive step," said Beth Trahan, President of Animal Aid for Vermilion Area. The kennels will belong to the rescue group. Before the meeting an animal could be put down after only four days, but with the 30 day holding period, it gives the animals a greater chance to live. "I'm very satisfied into where we move forward into our discussion with the group of volunteers. I think it's going to take some time, it's not going to happen over night, it may take awhile but we'll get there," said Wayne Touchet, a police juror for district five in Vermilion Parish. The discussion is far from over. Police jurors and animal advocates will meet again in two weeks to move forward on creating a written policy and protocol for euthanizing animals.
Johnnie Simpson
Communications Associate
Alley Cat Allies
Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.Please consider making a donation to support our work at

Millions of cats are killed each year. The shelter system has failed. What we need is humane care for cats!
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