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Important information

Maine coone kitten and bottle feeding class

LA ( Algiers ) Kitten Bottle Feeding Training Class at LA/SPCA – Sun 3/15 from 2-4
The Louisiana SPCA
Want to get involved by helping to care for young, orphaned kittens? Then make sure you attend our bottle feeder training class. The class is open to everyone and will take place at the Louisiana SPCA on March 15 from 2 - 4 PM. Help us save more lives this Kitten Season!To RSVP for this class,

Lowcost Spay&neuter

Hi all-
Please spread the word regarding some AMAZING news. In honor of the 10 year Hurricane Katrina anniversary in August of 2015, LASPCA will now be offering $10 feral surgeries from January through August at our Community Clinic. Great promotions on pet surgeries and microchipping are also being offered (please see attached press release.) Help spread the word that spay/neuter is now affordable and help save the lives of New Orleans ’ animals! This promotional is good for cats caught in Orleans Parish ONLY, though we are still honoring the Jefferson Fix a Feline program as well.

Summer tips for colonies/outdoor cats

Subject: Summer Weather Tips - Alley Cat Allies
Alley Cat Allies' Summer Weather Tips
Warmer weather means special considerations for feral cat colony care. Here are some tips to keep your feline friends cool and eating right.
Food Tips
When feeding feral cats in the summer, bugs can certainly pose a problem. Make sure you continue to follow the 30-minute “rule” for removing uneaten food. (Some cats may be slow to arrive at their meal so you may want to wait 45 or 60 minutes.

Dangerous product Do not buy

ALERT) Posted by Simone Jacob Lewis
Please tell everyone not to buy this product. I bought them at TJ Maxx and they fell apart into hard, plastic pieces. They lodged into all three of my dogs airways forcing me to seek emergency veterinary care. They are now on steroids and antibiotics due to the damage to their airways. I contacted the company but I don't want any other animals to get injured

4th of July safety

Baby bird myth

New danger spots poison and traps

LA ( New Orleans ) Report of Poisoned Cat Colonies / House Fire Cat Colony
Received an e-mail yesterday mentioning about spayed and neutered ear tipped cat colonies that were being poisoned in and around the 1800 block Esplanade New Orleans. They are getting in touch with the cat caretaker as they are not sure how long ago this occurred. Posting a warning re: potential danger for outside cats. Please be on lookout for poison and report it immediately to LA/SPCA animal control. It is illegal to poison, harm, or kill animals.

Dogs don't bite "out of the blue"

bite prevention by body language

Bite Prevention! This is not cute. This is irresponsible and dangerous. Dog use body language to communicate. They give cues using their face, ears, tail, sounds, movement, and expression. This picture is a great example of a dog that is st...ressed and very uncomfortable. The dog is displaying 4 very important behaviors that we need to be able to recognize. Can you identify the 4 behaviors?
Please share to educate others on how to keep dogs and kids safe! #dogbitepreventionweek #dogbiteprevention #preventdogbites

Bite prevention advise

IMPORTANT to teach the child in your life.
One of the most valuable skills that children can learn is to stand still and "BE A TREE". Children should be taught to use these three steps if a strange dog comes near them or if a dog is becoming too frisky or bothersome. Trees are boring, BE A TREE, and the dog will sniff and go away! #dogbitepreventionweek #preventdogbites
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