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Temperent testing kittens

Recently someone I know was hired on at a shelter full time. They were happy to think they were finally able to make a difference in the lives of animals. I tried to help encourage this by telling them about a potential adopter for 2 kittens but they were looking for a spacific type I did not have but thought they might. I was  very disappointed when I saw the glum look on their faces rather than the eager look of someone with a plan. I asked what was wrong and they said the shelter had lots of kittens but none would be available until the shelter finished their "temperment tests".

Animal digest is more widespread than you think

Any of you who have been following this blog are aware what "animal digest" is and the implications of putting it in pet food. I won't rehash the definition here but it is NON REGULATED and "is not supposed to contain" companion animals or rodents.
I knew Meow Mix dry had it (as do most cheap dry foods) but I was horrified to discover that Simply Nourish has recently added this product to their kitten food!
Just goes to show you that you need to read the ingredients on your pet food periodically to be sure nothing new has been added.

I'm a forever cat

When you think you have seen it all

Just when I think I have seen the bottom of human's Inhumanity I get shown more ways we can be irredeemably cruel.
I was talking with a former employee of the local shelter about an aquaintance of mine who wanted to show rescues but was turned down by a shelter that was already short staffed. I speculated that some people may have been turned down because of their tendancy to become emotionally attached to animals and that they may not be able to let go if that animal's "time was up".

Ruling on wind farms VS eagles []On Behalf OfSyrowitz, Jennifer
Sent:Saturday, December 07, 2013 2:24 PM
Subject:[WaSACC] New Rule on Eagle Take
Dear Audubon Conservationists in Washington,
Yesterday, the United States Department of Interior finalized anew rulethat would make it possible to grant wind energy companies30-yearpermits allowing Bald and Golden eagle take (versus the previous 5 year term limit established in the 2009 regulations).

We need to start a new service

I know I usually try to keep this site upbeat but the latest round of missing animals reminded me of a campaign that really needs to be worked on.
We all see the posters of missing animals and if you are like me you have seen dead animals on the side of the road and hoped they weren't the one lost or the owner would find it and have closure.
So many people chip their animals now and the vets are registering them so people don't "forget" to get to it.
When the city cleans the remains away they DO NOT SCAN FOR A CHIP, so if you believe you will find out your lost pet is never coming home this way you need to call your local polititian.


This is just one of the e-mails that fill my mailbox day and night. One of the reasons I made this website was so people could post these poor animals one more place. 
Please use this site forum for this. Look at the declawed cats for rehoming.
Anyone with a wish list please write so we can set up a list of who wants what (matching wants with homes)
There is also a great list on the bottom of resources to post lost or found animals.
Copy the list somewhere safe if (heaven forbid) you or someone you know needs to use it.


As so often happens in a week we are inundated by pleas for help with rehoming kittens.
I cannot stress enough the fact that there areNO VALID EXCUSES FOR YOU CATHAVING KITTENS!!!!!!
If you have a pet there are places to have them altered. Adopt fvrom a shelter or rescue and they come altered.
Look online at "low cost spay and neuter" and a number of choices come up. Most shelters do free or low cost clinics several times a year.
You CAN find time to drop them off.
You CAN afford the clinic.
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