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Urgent need for help

Free dog

Please forward to your Nola network...someone RESPONSIBLE needs to get this dog...
Gin Stafford
Begin forwarded message:
From:brad <>
Date:May 18, 2014 at 6:45:31 AM CDT
Subject:[vegetarian-515] Free Dog -please help rescue
Free Dog!! Someone left a dog tied up at one of my apartments He is young (maybe 2-3 yrs) and very energetic and very sweet and loving. I would love to take him but my dog is 18yrs old (and much smaller), and it just wouldnt work he has too much energy for me.

Disposable kitty needs rescue

Exxterra is a very sweet 8 month old kitty that is no longer wanted .a young couple with a 10 month old baby adopted him as a kitten but now don't want him anymore. They are moving in 2 days and asked me if I knew anyone that would take him. They recently started letting him go out and I'm afraid they will just move and leave him . I did help them get him neutered in December when he was 4 months old. If you can give this little guy a home please contact me, Anastasia 504 462-1968
Also Needing homes

Need feeders and trappers

1.  Contact:Daphne

Subject: Kitties at West End need feeders

Nancy C. feeds West End but will be going to Colorado again for 6 months, end of May til ???, or at least all summer. Then she travels other places quite a bit. She desperately needs feeder(s) to feed a few beautiful long haired seawall cats ...
She would so appreciate some help feeding. It is a very safe area and fun to do. I think she has someone to feed M, W, F.

Let me know.
Thank you,
2.   LA ( New Orleans )  

Help needed for cat poisoned by room mate

Hello pet lovers! I have a one year old cat, we just moved to nola from Chicago. We found our roommate through cl, and he ended up being a psycho. I came home from work yesterday to my cat, Cinderella, poisoned, a claw ripped out, and one of her back legs broken. She cant walk. I took her to the emergency vet where they gave her I've fluids. I dont get paid until friday, and no vet will take her on a payment plan. Does anyone know of a clinic that will help me before it's too late? She cannot walk and im afraid she may be dying.

Fosters and adopters desperately needed

Contact:Animal Aid for Vermilion Areaanimalaidvermilion@gmail.com337-366-0212View this link for current dogs and to check for updates dogs/cats: 1(you don’t have to be registered with Facebook to view the page)Some urgent cats:

Simmy, Sammy & Kayla, Sif, Simone, Stripes – all urgent 4/21
Baby Girl, Bud – both urgent 5/8From:Sharon Stoskopf < >

Tony's bill needs your support

TONY'S BILLis on the agenda for tomorrow,TUESDAY, for a senate floor vote. PLEASE email your senator now!!!! Tell him/her that
"Sandlin has exploited tigers for over 20 years: buying, breeding, selling, and exhibiting tigers in poor conditions for his own profit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Sandlin’s truck stop in the past for unsanitary feeding practices; mishandling tigers; and failure to provide veterinary care, shelter from inclement weather, clean drinking water, and knowledgeable employees to care for the tigers.

Vermillion parish new euthanasia policy

More Info from Animal Aid for Vermilion Area on New Policy for Vermilion Parish Rabies and Animal Control (VPRAC) Facility
·Other Cat rescues and dog rescue groups are needed to help save animals.
·Relocation places needed for non-adoptable and feral cats.
·New euthanasia guidelines for strays in Vermilion Parish.
Contact:Beth Trahan/Cindy Hunt Animal Aid for Vermilion
In response to your inquiry about the article, the following is AAVA's understanding of the issue:

Help needed to reunite stolen husky with family

On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 7:02 PM, betty everitt <> wrote:
can anyone help with this project?will everybody please think of anyone who could take a piece or two of this transport plan? don't assume anything....ask everybody! you never know when someone can help a bitplease
If you can help, please contact transport coordinator:
Please help this active duty soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan be reunited with his dog!
Cadence was stationed in Texas with her human dad when he was deployed overseas.

2 kitties in danger

Friendly Kittens in Danger re: LA ( Metairie ) Urgent - 5 & 7 month old bonded kitties – need place to go today
Contact:Anastasia 504

Subject: Urgent-5 & 7 month old bonded kitties
These 2 kitties live at a complex where the manager hates cats and has been seen trying to spray them with bleach,these kitties are at risk because they are friendly. There is a couple that lives there and feeds them but can't take anymore in they have 4 cats and they are both on disability.

Change Vermillion Parish shelter

LA (Kaplan) Implement Changes – Petition and News Video re: Vermilion Parish
·There are many many animal controls and shelters that operate just like this one in Louisiana.
·Vermilion Parish has a designated rabies control center which functions as their animal control. They do not have a shelter adoption program or a budget for it.
·Vermilion Animal Aid rescue dogs from the shelter and place them on transports and into homes for adoptions and fosters.
·Please remember the cats too at Vermilion.
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