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30 days free pet insurance for new adopters

We are excited to announce a new complimentary 30 days of pet insurance from our partner,

PetFirst is introducing a new adoption insurance program to all Petfinder member
organizations that provides a complimentary 30-days of Pet Insurance for all dogs and
cats adopted. This program is available in all US states and Washington DC, but not NY at
this time. The program is also currently unavailable in Canada.

The 30-day coverage plan ensures the pets you adopt out are covered for accidents and

Ashley, Apple and Esme going home

Esme with Derick
Ashley with her new sister
Apple with Daria
We wish all the new families love and happiness in their future!

Important new info from Homeagain

Dear Petfinder members,

We all know the disappointment of locating a microchip in a found pet, only to discover the chip is unregistered.  Ensure the pets you are adopting out are not among those and resolve to register each pet in 2014.

In partnership with HomeAgain, for each chip you register your organization will earn a FREE microchip.  When you have earned 25 microchips, a box will be sent to you and you will continue to earn free chips.  In total, Petfinder members saved over $593,000 in 2013 by earning free microchips through the Chip FurKeeps program!

Mia goes home

Mia is going to her "furever"home. We wish them all luck and love in the future.

Mason goes home

After a few false starts Mason is finally headed to his "furever" home. We wish Mason a happy life with the Dillons!

Calypto's first Christmas

Calypto is spending his first Christmas in his new home. We wish the new family long and happy years together.

Good news for christmas

I am very happy to inform you that Riverlands SPCA has been awarded a grant   from the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission (LAWC). The commission reviewed your application and determined that your spay/neuter program was deserving of LAWC’s support.
LAWC appreciates the work your organization carries out for the welfare of animals in Louisiana.
Thank you for all that you do!
Gary A. Balsamo, Chair

Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission

Gary Balsamo, DVM, MPH&TM
State Public Health Veterinarian and Assistant State Epidemiologist

Intact animal permit update 12/09

Hello All,
Very good news... our FB page went from 82 Likes last Sunday to 4140 as of right now. This is powerful ammunition to show the newspapers that people are in favor of the Intact Animal Law - a way to decrease pet overpopulation and license breeders who continue to pump out dogs who fill our shelters.
Every other business must be licensed and regulated and the law says this applies to breeders.
If you have not done so already please like our FB Page athttps://www.facebook.

Camo and Peaches are in their new homes

 Peaches is settling in well in his "furever home" with his new family
And so is Camo

New face book page for lost and found pets

LA ( New Orleans Area) Facebook Page for Lost & Found Pets
Contact:lostpetsnola@gmail.comif you can’t post and would like your lost or found pet posted on the Facebook page
Check out Lost & Found Pets Site for NOLA Missing Pets Lost and Found
·Facebook page for postings of lost and found pets in the New Orleans area including Metairie, Kenner , Harahan, Westbank, and Northshore.
·Anyone can post about a pet they are missing or have found.
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