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Getting cat to like carrier

Found this on Petbucket. Just thought I would share

Back in action

So this is where we spent the first two months in Kentucky. The cats were in a kennel under the trees. The move was chaotic at best but we all got here.

December interuption

As a few of you have noticed my site has been dormant for a while. We have had a few serious setbacks recently and the computer was an on going one. Thanks to Best Tech I am back up and running. (that's right. I have to pay a shop to fix my computer because I do not have any relatives under 12 I can lean on)
So a belated congradulations to our new families of Starbuck, Gigi, Faith, Jed and  Grizzly and Robin.
Thank you for your happy notes over Christmas and I am returning messages as fast as I can.

Is fostering for you?

We can't say enough good things about people who open their hearts and homes to fosterdogsandcatsawaiting forever homes. Consider joining these special people by offering to foster pets for a local animal welfare group. It's a rewarding and much needed service.
Why should I foster a dog?
Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course). By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you’re:
  • freeing up a spot so the shelter or rescue can take in a

Ear tip cats

Write your post here.

New Organization

LA ( New Orleans ) New Organization Supporting Research for Cures for Feline Diseases
This event passed but check out this web site re: organization founded by Dr. Karen Miller of the Cat Hospital
Foundation for Future Feline Health
We are a nonprofit foundation devoted to supporting research to cure feline diseases through art and jewelry sales.
Our Story
Dr. Karen Miller Becnel has been providing exemplary veterinary treatment for our feline friends for over forty years.

My apologies

As some of you may have noticed I was a no-show this week-end. I apologize to anyone I stood up that I was not able to contact. My aircraft suffered a mechanical failure and I was forced to work into the week-end without access to my computer.
Please check my home page for new show schedule.
We have extended the $65 adoption fee for the summer.

% steps to help a Semi-feral cat adapt

This is also a good guideline when you bring home a new cat.
5 Ways to Help a Semi-Feral Cat Adjust to a Domestic Home There’s a lot of time (and patience) that goes into helping a semi-feral kitty adjust to a new home—but it’s all worth it! Here’s how to succeed where others have failed.
By Taryn Cheal 
Helping a semi-feral cat adjust to her environs can be time consuming and challenging—because of this they are more likely to be sent back to their adoption agency and have a harder time finding good forever homes—but this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort; to the contrary.

Cat saves boy from dog attack

Check out the awsome video of a cat rescuing her person from an attacking dog. 

Fundraising at any cost?

CAA (the Baton Rouge shelter) held their big annual fundraiser this weekend. They auctioned off 3 puppies, too young to be spayed/neutered, as well as a Texas Hog Hunt.

It has been reported that one of the winning bidders of one of the puppies was trying to pawn off the dog to one of his family members present. As far as the hog hunt goes, we all know how those hogs are hunted and what happens to them and the dogs involved. You can read the news story by clicking the link below and please be sure to watch the video.
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