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Cats for Adoption


Cleo was rescued from the rocks on Lake Ponchatrain. She is about 3 years old now but still very sweet. She olves to sit on your lap when you watch tv. Although she has long fur that beautiful coat does not mat so I believe she is part Maine coone.


Omachron is Percy's sister. They are both about 3 (born around june 2014) now and were rescued from a bad area by the refineries. You see her here in her favorite spot- a box..... Guess you have to be a cat.She is part Maine coon as well but I little shy until she gets to know you. She is not shy at all if the is play or a toy involved.


This is Chaos. She was born around The begining of September 2016. Both her and her sister Mayhem were brought to a local farm after being removed from the center of a busy country road. Although Chaos was the more ill of the 2 kittens Mayhem was the one who died from the respiratory infection they had. Her beautiful coat actually is white if you brush her hair backwards.


Born first week of September 2011 Star, like his brother Sarge he is the picture of a lazy "Garfield" Nothing could be further from the truth and he will play with you for hours. In his insistance for love he will follow you relentlessly and beg to be petted. Even at 21 pounds he can't see imself as anything other than a lap kitten. Watching him and Sarge at play is a spectacle worthy of popcorn and beer. If you have a lot of love (and a little space) these two would be terriffic new family members.


Kayle was adopted just before we left Slidell


This is Half-track

Born around September 25th 2013, this is Kindle's sister. They were born on the outskirts of Slidell and first the mother disappeared then 3 of the 5 kittens. The house owner managed to catch these two and even though she only has half a tail she was born that way.Turns out she is part bobcat. She has a strong spirit and loves to play with case toys.


This is Trigana. She was born around mid October, she was dumped in the yard of a family that could not keep her because of their dog. She is highly intelligent and very outgoing- as a matter of fact she is always going! If you love to play this is the companion for you. 


This handsome creature is Cold Fusion (also known as "Fizzy"). He was first spotted at the airport in the engine of a workers truck on Dec 30th but got out before we could catch him. He got himself stuck inside the conference room on Jan first where we got him. He seems super-intense when he plays and chases the vacuum cleaner.. That's right he's almost completely deaf. We believe he was born around the first week of November 2013.


This is Pecan Hazel's brother. He is a little more shy than his sister but loves to be petted and play with chase toys. He will probably come out more if he no longer has to compete with his outgoing sister but he is a sweet loving boy just the same


This is Hazel. She was born around the middle of June 2013 she and her brother Pecan were rescued from the forklift slots of a grease dumpster behind the Sonic in LaPlace. She is now clean, has her shots is ready for her new home . She is a loving girl who's favorite place is asleep on your lap.

This is Caf-pow. He is the largest of my "coffee clan" they were born around the 20th of March 2014 and I detoured them from their trip to the vet (to be put down as shelters do not bottle-feed).

He is an outgoing little guy who loves to chase balls.


Born end of Febuary 2012, Sampson is a domestic short hair cat who will live up to his name. At just under 8 months of age he already dwarfed some of the adult cats. Judging by the size of his feet he could be part cougar as he is the size of a beagle now that he is full grown. He is a playful ,loving snugglebug so make lots of room next to you.


Starbuck was adopted and is enjoying his new family including walks in the park on in a harness!


Magnum went to his new home with Sarge


This is Gigi. She is the only girl in our "coffee clan". She was born around March 20th 2014 and is usually demure and quiet but I have seen her take her brothers on- and win. She is a snuggly girl and will probably stay on the small side.


This is Robin. Of course this outgoing little guy was the first to be adopted. We will be posting new family pic soon.


This is Kindle.Born around Sept. 25th 2013 she is !/2 Track's sister. She is the more outgoing of the 2 and loves to climb into your lap to cuddle. She is an avid laser toy chaser and full of energy and love. You can't just walk past or she will grab your arm demanding her cuddle.


Ali is a tabby cat but if you look close you see calico markings. Born around the 25th of Sept. 2013, this little firecracker took a group of neighbours to trap her in a shed (and she was only 5 weeks old then). She is still a high energy cat and you have to work hard to wear her out enough to get her to stay put long enough for a picture.


This is Timbit. Also born around March 20th 2014 he is the smallest of the group. He is all of his brothers combined. He is full of energy for play (even ambushing Fizzy) but is loud in his insistance of cuddle time. When he is hungry in the morning you will know about it as he walks up your body to lick your nose.


Jed finally found his furever family! Safe in his new home with his new sister Faith.


Poor Zander has had a tough life. He was finally adopted by a family that appreciates him. adopted


This is Persius. He was born around the end of June 2014. He was rescued from a very hostile area in Harahan. He watched his mom and sibling killed in the street and was lucky enough to be trapprd before he could be killed or poisoned as well. He loves laser toys and chase toys. He is nervous around strangers but very loving when he gets to know you.


This handsome fellow is Shady. He was born around March 20th 2014. He is Caf-pow and Timbit's brother. By far the most outgoing of the 6 he will not take "later" for an answer when he wants attention. He is an affectionate fellow with any living thing, gets into everything and has an endless supply of love and energy.


Niki was adopted.


Lucas was born around the end of June 2014.He was rescued from a car engine at Rouses on hwy 11. He loves to play with balls and lasers. he is a cuddle fiend and always up for a new toy or game. He has a mid-length coat so does not shed a lot but he loves to be brushed. He will be a BIG boy.


Rowdy was adopted!


Riley is now called batman but is happy in his new home


Also a July 2014 kitten,Bolt is Fionas' sister. A bit shy with strangers she runs to intercept those she knows so she can get her ear scratches and belly rubs. She is very energetic and loves chase toys and laser lights. She curls up in bed with us at night so make some extra space for this little lovebug


Widget was born around the end of June in a carport in New OIrleans east. She is into EVERYTHING! From brooms to dish holders she is into it all. She loves to cuddle and plays all day long. She loves to curl up in your bed at night- under the covers if it's cold. She has Bengal markings and size but is a total lovebug.


Crystal was adopted


Born in a litter of 6 around the 1st of July 2014, Fiona is Bolt's sister. She is definitely a Maine coone mix like her brother Rowdy. She is very appearance proud so likes to be petted and brushed on the floor as being in your arms messes up her fur. She lovesz laser toys, sleeping on the bed and sunny windowsills.

We strive to be the one you recommend to friends and family.

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